Sounds of Music

Trip Highlights

  • Habima National Theatre, IPO, Independence Hall
  • Old Jaffa, jazz at Rimon, Palmach Museum
  • Tel Aviv U Music School, Children's' Choirs, Caesarea, Haifa Symphony
  • World Cultures in Haifa an Acre
  • Deafening nature and sounds of silence in Galilee
  • Jazzy sounds of the Red Sea
  • Desert Sounds of Silence & Symphonies
  • Sounds of the Distant Past: Jerusalem Old City
  • Sounds of the Recent Past: Jerusalem New City

Trip Highlights

Lifetime Discovery staff and designated musicologist tour guides will make your discovery of Israel through your ears a memory of a lifetime.  Your will be greeted at Ben Gurion International Airport to begin nearly 2 weeks of travel through the country from north to south discover the riches of the this unique destination by means of the fabulous and plentiful musical programs, festivals, concerts, including "meet the artist" sessions.  The sounds of nature will also be focused in this unique journey.  Discover the major cities and sites of the holy land, which will be central to your program as you listen to the tones that make it extraordinary.  From Keshet Eilon, with its festival of strings on the northern border to the Red Sea Jazz Festival at the southern tip of the country in Eilat, the sounds of music will send you home with a repertoire that is unforgettable.  Fashioning the trip's details is up to you as you discover Israel on your own terms.

* Rate is per person per night based on double occupancy, depending on time of travel, chosen hotels, availability and number of passengers.

Carlton Hotel | Tel Aviv

Days: 1 2

Perfectly situated on the beachfront, The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel is all about details and comfort; from our award-winning breakfast to our exclusive Carlton bath amenities. The hotel’s personal service and ‘We’ve got you covered’ attitude will guarantee an unforgettable experience; whether you’re in town for business or leisure.

Dan Carmel Hotel | Haifa

Days: 3

The Dan Carmel Hotel Haifa boasts an unmatched location on the crest of Mount Carmel. Offering much more than the best address of any Haifa hotel, the Dan Carmel Hotel welcomes guests with elegant, spacious interiors, extensive private gardens and a secluded pool that invites guest to relax after an activity-filled day. Furnished with classic good taste, guest rooms, suites and the stately presidential suite all feature balconies commanding panoramic views of Haifa Bay, verdant terraces and the long Mediterranean coastline. Ideal for a family vacation, the Dan Carmel Hotel offers special children’s programs and leisure facilities that include a gym and wellness center.

Akkotel Hotel | Acre

Days: 4

Akkotel is a boutique hotel built into the walls of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the old city of Acre. The building is a beautifully renovated historical building that was constructed by the Ottomans and served as an accommodation for the army officers.  Akkotel is the winner of the 2012 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Hotel Awards for the Middle East region in the categories of service and bargain.

Bayit BaGalil | Upper Galilee

Days: 5 6

Located within a national nature preservation it is also home to protected wildlife . The estate overlooks Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)  and gazes upon Israel’s Golan mountain range. Each of its 26 suites and presidential terrace suite have breathtaking views of the hillsides and forest surrounding it.

Prima Music Hotel | Eilat

Days: 7 8

The Prima Music Hotel offers guests a unique musical experience: each floor is dedicated to a different musical genre with music playing lightly in the corridors. The rooms themselves are all overlooking the sea and there is an elaborate stereo system through which guests can listen to the music of their choice. Additionally, the Prima Music has a “nostalgia room” with a huge selection of new and old discs. The nostalgia room provides an intimate lounging area with the unique atmosphere of records. There is also a recording studio inside the hotel.

Beresheet Hotel & Spa | Mitspe Ramon

Days: 9

The Beresheet Hotel, part of the Isrotel Exclusive Collection, is located amid a breathtakingly beautiful primeval landscape, near the ancient Spice Route, and right on the edge of the towering cliffs that slope down into the Ramon Crater – an extraordinary natural phenomenon without equal anywhere in the world. The hotel’s unique location, at 800m above sea level, ensures a cool and comfortable climate.

Day 1: Welcome to Israel’s Sounds of Music

Accomodation: Carlton Hotel | Tel Aviv

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport you will be greeted by the Lifetime Discovery representative to expedite arrival formalities before setting out to the metropolis.  We will check in to a unique-boutique hotel before setting out to stroll down the famous Rothschild Boulevard, with a stop at Independence Hall before continuing down on to see a rehearsal of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra or a scene from a play at the Habima National Theater.   We will continue our stroll through the city to visit towards Rabin Square to see the monument in the slain prime minister’s name.  We recommend your first evening in Tel Aviv be spent at whatever is on that evening at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, music, dance or opera.

Day 2: Jaffa and environs

Accomodation: Carlton Hotel | Tel Aviv

Today will be jazzy.  First we will go to the funky “Shuk HaPishpashim” (flea market) at the entrance of Old Jaffa.  After enjoying the exotic sounds, sites and smells of this bustling open-air market, we will continue on Yefet Street to see the numerous churches and mosques that coexist with artist galleries and great fish restaurants in this ancient port city.  After a delicious middle-eastern lunch, we will travel to the Rimon Music School to gab with the next generation of musical talent and to hear and see what they’re playing.  This will be followed by a stop at the Palmach Museum to learn about the beginnings of the State of Israel and how music played a part from the beginning.  The evening can be spent at the recently-opened site of the former Jaffa-Jerusalem Railway, the “HaTachana” (The station) which has both with gourmet restaurants and boutique shopping.  Situated across from the beach, HaTachana is also wonderful for discovery of the Tel Aviv sunset.

Day 3: Music Academy and Northward to Haifa

Accomodation: Dan Carmel Hotel | Haifa

We will rise early to arrive for morning rehearsals at the Buchman Music School at Tel Aviv University and to take a stroll around the campus.  From here we will continue a bit inland  for a stop in Emek Hefer (Hefer Valley) to hear one of world-famous children’s choirs, Shlomo Gronich’s Sheba Ethiopian Choir, the Efroni or the Moran choir, which perform folk-lore, Israeli repertoire and the classics.  From there we will continue discovering the sounds of music with a stop to hear the sea splashing against the ancient aqueducts and ruins of Caesarea, including the Roman amphitheater.  Next we reach the Carmel mountain for a rendezvous with Maestro Noam Sheriff and his Haifa Symphony Orchestra or for a screening at the Haifa Film Festival, depending on season.

Day 4: Up the Coast to Acre and Knight’s Hall

Accomodation: Akkotel Hotel | Acre

Hear and see the world cultures that Haifa provides in what the municipality is proud to call a city of coexistence, being the   home  of the “Celebration of Holidays” among many others.  We will walk the trail of Wadi Nis-Nas, and hear local ensembles playing at Bet HaGefen.  followed by a stop of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bahai Gardens and continuing for lunch at at the fabulous “Fatoush” restaurant in the German Colony of Haifa.   We may stop at the famous Stella Maris Church of Elijah’s Cave before continue along the coast to the ancient seaport of Acre.  A special meal at the Knight’s Hall may be arranged or you may take dinner one of the seaside fish restaurants for which the city is famous, before taking your seat at a folk or jazz concert in the evening.

Day 5: Western Galilee and Mysticism

Accomodation: Bayit BaGalil | Upper Galilee

We leave the coast to move inland of the Western Galilee to enjoy some silence of nature, which is a sound all of its own.  At the “Ma’arat HaKeshet” (Arched Cave), see a miracle of nature in the Galilee cliffs.   We will stop at the Keshet Eilon Festival facilities, at the very northern top of the country, where the famed strings festival takes place every year.  Season permitting, we will take in a matinee with lunch.  We then cross the Galilee towards the Safed, with a wine-tasting/lunch on the way where we will make a stop at the music department of the Safed Academic College to hear ethnic, “mizrachi” (oriental) and Arabic music.  If your visit is in August, the international Safed Klezmer Festival will be a “must see”.  While in Safed, we will visit the sites marking the origins of Kabbalah and learn about the mystical side of Judaism.  hat evening will will stay at one of the most in-demand resort and spa accommodations.  

Day 6: Sea of Galilee, Golan and Gavriel

Accomodation: Bayit BaGalil | Upper Galilee

Sounds of water rushing and sounds of nature will fill your ears most of this day that is dedicated to the discovery of the wonders of the border between the Galilee and Golan Heights.  We will visit the fabulously impressive waterfalls of the Banias nature reserve, at a location so ancient it was once named after the Greek goddess Pan.  The next stop is Tel Dan, another marvel of nature with the sounds of silence to deafen your ears.  We will lunch at the magnificent Beit Gavriel ,on the shores of the Sea of  Galilee, where the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and late King Hussein of Jordan met for numerous peace-talks.  We will head back to Rosh Pina for a free evening to browse the quaint artists’ colony or to pamper yourselves in the spa at the hotel and prepare for an early rise and our trip south.

Day 7: Fly to another sea, the Red Sea

Accomodation: Prima Music Hotel | Eilat

We fly from the Rosh Pina Airport in the north all the way to Eilat on the Red Sea for a shockingly drastic change of scenery for a place so small and distance so short.  In Eilat we have 2 days to can explore the coral reefs, do some scuba diving and see the dolphins dance.  In the evening, a show or concert will be the recommended program. The Red Sea Jazz Festival is a big draw for travelers during mid-end August.  If interested, Lifetime Discovery will arrange a side-trip to Petra and Wadi Rum via the Arava Crossing.  The Prima Hotel is designed especially to keep music-lovers animated!

Day 8: Sounds of Desert Silence in Jordan

Accomodation: Prima Music Hotel | Eilat

Lifetime Discovery will arrange a one-day trip via the Arava Crossing to see the wonders of the UNESCO World Heritage site at Petra and, if you choose, a 4-hour jeep tour in the mystical Wadi Rum, with its ancient stone carvings.  While there, a lunch of  authentic Bedouin cooking and hospitality is an option as well.  Or, you may simply relax for a day on the shores of the Red Sea.  It’s all entirely up to you.


Day 9: Sounds of the Northern Negev

Accomodation: Beresheet Hotel & Spa | Mitspe Ramon

Today wake early to be able to take in the special sites and hear the unique sounds of the desert, so different than those of the green Galilee or sounds of the sea.   We head north in a comfortable van towards  Solomon’s Mines at the Timna National Park followed by a stop for lunch at the unique community Neot Smadar to see their cultural activities, handicrafts and  organic crops.  Mitspe Ramon is our next destination, where we will see and hear the wonders of the Ramon Crater, another UNESCO World Heritage site, is how we will conclude the day before checking into one of top luxury hotels of the country.

Day 10: Magical Masada and Mud Cures

Accomodation: American Colony Hotel | Jerusalem

We will make a serious attempt to be at the foot of Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage site, by sunrise to discovery these one-of-a-kind destinations with the glory of the rising light.  A performance of the epic event which took place at this site of the Jews’ Great Revolt will await at the top of the cliff where the view towards the Dead Sea is a panorama of a lifetime. Upon descending the fortress, you are able to both take a dip and float in the salty waters and partake of the mud therapy.  From the Dead Sea we will make our ascent to the ancient Jerusalem in time for a concert of the modern Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and a chance to “meet the maestro”.

Day 11: Jerusalem and its wonders

Accomodation: American Colony Hotel | Jerusalem

We will begin the morning with a  tour of Yemin Moshe with a stop at the Jerusalem Music Center at Mishkenot She’ananim across from the walls of the old city and overlooking Sultan’s Pool.  From there we will spend the rest of the day within the ancient walls to see the sites of three major religions in such close proximity that without discovering it with your own eyes it is a phenomenon hard to believe. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Western Wall and Al-Aqsa Mosque are within a 500 meter radius. The evening is dedicated to the unforgettable “Sound and Light at the Citadel” program as the finale the sounds of music journey. 

Day 12: Siouk, Abu Gosh and Homeward Bound

Depending on the time of your return flight, the morning will be free for  perhaps returning to the “shuk” (bizarre) in the old city of Jerusalem or heading towards the airport with a stop in the town of Abu Gosh in the Judean Hills for a special Arabic meal and a stop at one of the fabulous churches that host the Abu Gosh Music Festival during Sukkot and Shavuot holidays.

Once you are safely checked in at Ben Gurion Int’l Airport,  Lifetime Discovery will wish you a safe trip home.

Come back soon for more musical discoveries!