Coming of Age

Trip Highlights

  • Jerusalem, old & new
  • Naot Kedumim
  • Ein Kerem OR Kibbutz Shefayim
  • Beit Guvrin, Latrun Tank museum
  • Masada, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, the Dead Sea
  • Beit Alpha, Sachne, Sea of Galilee
  • Banias Waterfalls, Golan Heights,
  • Hula Lake, Safed, Rosh Pina, Rosh HaNikra, Haifa
  • Caesarea, Mei Kedem

Trip Highlights

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel is truly a lifetime discovery.

Besides preparing a meaningful 8-day exploration of the Holy Land especially for young eyes, Lifetime Discovery will use its vast experience to produce the blessed event.  We will secure the halls, the catering and entertainment according to the family's taste to create the most memorable event for the bar or bat mitzvah experience in Israel.  We will provide the interface with spiritual leaders and experts to prepare the youngster and the entourage for this most special of occasions. We'll make suggestions based on your wishes and fancies, but in today’s reality, there is nothing set in concrete about how to celebrate the bar and bat mitzvah; everything is up to you.

* Rate is per person per night based on double occupancy, depending on time of travel, chosen hotels, availability and number of passengers.

David Citadel Hotel | Jerusalem

Days: 1 2 3 4

The David Citadel Hotel, with a majestic view of the Old City, is within walking distance from the city center and is situated directly across from Alrov Mamilla Avenue and other major attractions. The hotel boasts impeccably designed suites and guestrooms, fine cuisine, a luxury gym and a holistic innovative spa, year-round heated pool, and private Executive Lounge. The hotel’s exquisite modular banquet halls and reception rooms host a variety of social and business gatherings.

Isrotel Hotel & Spa | Dead Sea

Days: 5

Deep below sea level, at the lowest point on the face of the earth and by the shore of a unique natural phenomenon, Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel & SPa awaits you. Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel & Spa is a green oasis of health, tranquility, indulgence and spa, located in Israel, within dramatic views of desert mountains and elevated cliffs.

Pastorale Hotel | Kfar Blum

Days: 6 7

In the heart of the Galilee landscape, continuing the pioneers’ tradition of hospitality, to the sound of classical music, there flows a spring of silence and tranquility. In a relaxing pastoral atmosphere, we invite you to enjoy a range of 147 especially designed rooms surrounded by lawns and flowers, a prestigious pampering spa, an Olympic-sized swimming pool,  a restaurant offering a culinary experience of deliciously prepared dishes.

Dan HaCarmel Hotel | Haifa

Days: 8

The Dan Carmel Hotel Haifa boasts an unmatched location on the crest of Mount Carmel. Offering much more than the best address of any Haifa hotel, the Dan Carmel Hotel welcomes guests with elegant, spacious interiors, extensive private gardens and a secluded pool that invites guest to relax after an activity-filled day. Furnished with classic good taste, guest rooms, suites and the stately presidential suite all feature balconies commanding panoramic views of Haifa Bay, verdant terraces and the long Mediterranean coastline. Ideal for a family vacation, the Dan Carmel Hotel offers special children’s programs and leisure facilities that include a gym and wellness center.

Hilton Hotel | Tel Aviv

Days: 9 10

Situated in a prime location in the Center of Tel Aviv, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel is only a 1 minute walk from the beach. Relax by the outdoor sea-water pool or indulge yourself with a massage at the Cybex Spa. Feast on sushi at Yakimono Sushi Bar or Mediterranean dishes at King Solomon Restaurant. Between meetings, refresh yourself with a drink while enjoying the panoramic sea views from our spacious lobby.

Day 1: Welcome to the Coming of Age Experience

Accomodation: David Citadel Hotel | Jerusalem

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport a VIP representative arranged by Lifetime Discovery will escort you through arrival formalities and see to it you are comfortably installed in your spacious van or vehicle for a ride to the golden city of Jerusalem.  The first stop will be at a scenic overview of the Old City, before you enter the famed walls that have been surrounding the cherished and holy sites to three different religions for thousands of years.  The young man or woman coming of age and the family will make the traditional visit to the most significant symbol of the Jewish faith, the Western Wall . Whether for the first or the tenth time, a moment at the Western Wall  is a moment of a lifetime for any young man or woman that will be a cherished discovery.   Then, after check-in, you are free to dine in the hotel or an eatery nearby. 

Day 2: Family in the Forest & on the Walls

Accomodation: David Citadel Hotel | Jerusalem

After your Mediterranean breakfast, no matter which track you have chosen for your celebration, meet a specialist in your hotel conference room, to share the wonders of Jewish ritual and to learn about all the different ways that bar and bat mitzvahs are celebrated in the different streams of Judaism, among them Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Kabbalah and more.  We will then set out for a unique discovery at Naot Kedumim, a unique forest and park about 25 minutes from Jerusalem.  We recommend beginning with exploration of the amazing springs in the forest, followed by participating in the special  workshop provided by the park’s chefs who invite  everyone  to roll up his/her sleeves  and prepare a delicious meal together as a family.  After the meal, plant a tree as a symbolic connection to the land of Israel and the Jewish heritage before heading back to Jerusalem.  After having dinner on your own we recommend “walking the wall”, a stroll around the old city on the ancient ramparts.  

Day 3: The Main Event

Accomodation: David Citadel Hotel | Jerusalem

Whether you prefer a traditional celebration with the ceremonies, prayers and spiritual leaders, or a celebration at seaside or a private performance of one of Israel’s leading popular or Klezmer bands, Lifetime Discovery programmers are here to recommend a number of routes that eventually lead to Jerusalem – or any other location the family chooses for the memorable ceremony and occasion.  Below we submit two suggestions, of a limitless roster of possibilities, in order to stimulate your fantasy mode; this event is meant to be custom-tailored according to your family’s taste and passions.  Lifetime Discovery is here to produce the fantasy of your lifetime. 

Forest By Day, Sea by Night

After a visit with entire party to the Western Wall, set out for a delicious lunch in the Ein Karem, on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  Descend from the hills towards the sea, by-passing Tel Aviv towards Dan Accadia in Herzeliya. In dressing rooms provided for the entourage,  change into swim suits  for a dip in the  sea  before dressing up for a lovely buffet meal. A Klezmer band or chamber ensemble will accompany the meal on a private terrace in the hotel for folk-dancing and rhythm.

Rock the Mitzvah

A day that begins with the seriousness of facing the future needs to lighten up, bit-by-bit.   The entourage with the family will climb on board a bus that may pick up more guests and friends on the way that is dedicated to a variety of ways to rock and rolling.  First splash down the slides at the fabulous water-park at Kibbutz Shefayim, 10 minutes north of Tel Aviv.  Depending on dates, the entire group will be transported to a concert at “Zappa” or “Jablul” or another venue to see one of the leading Israeli rock artists to top off the night with a wow!

After a 2-day discovery of Jerusalem and environs, the landmark “coming of age” occasion, and after the entourage invited to celebrate has departed,  Lifetime Discovery welcomes the young bar or bat mitzvah boy or girl and the immediate family to continue discovering  of his or her  roots in Judaism and Jewish identity.  Discover how the religion and culture evolved over the millennium by stepping in the tracks of the ancestors.  During the 7 nights leading up to the ceremony or those immediately following, enjoy the history and wonders of nature known from biblical times to the present.  See the trails that were blazed for 3000 years and the landmarks in our own century that make Israel a miracle of human nature to treasure as one joins the adult community.  “Kadimah” (Forward!)

Day 4: Caves and Tanks

Accomodation: David Citadel Hotel | Jerusalem

After a fabulous celebration, we can sleep in a bit, but not for too long.  It begins with a drive to the Beit Guvrin caves and taking part in a real archaeological dig.   The site has a number of restaurants for you to choose from for lunch before we head to Latrun to see the history of the new State of Israel in hardware terms  at “Museum HaShiryon” (tank museum).  We then continue to Park Ayalon to walk down lovely trails near rushing springs and to see the Roman ruins where it is said that Judah Maccabee defeated the Greeks.  We then return to Jerusalem for where you may see the “Sound and Light at the Citadel” program for an evening activity.

Day 5: High and Low at Masada & Dead Sea

Accomodation: Isrotel Hotel & Spa | Dead Sea

We head south to climb Masada, the last stronghold against the Romans and deemed a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  A cable car assists in the expedition, but if someone wants to brave the steep climb, it’s doable.   During the visit to Masada, a ceremony can be arranged especially for the Bar or Bat mitzvah youth to acknowledge the coming of age.   Next is the fascinating walk through the Ein Gedi nature reserve where you’ll be amazed to find waterfalls.  here  you are free to have lunch on your own before meeting at the mineral beach to step into the famous Dead Sea, at the lowest spot on earth.


Day 6: History in the Valley and by the Sea

Accomodation: Pastorale Hotel | Kfar Blum

Picking up the trail of the Syrian-Africa Rift, we will head north through the Jordan Valley for first stop of the day at Beit Alpha in the Gilboa region with its 6th century synagogue.  Next we suggest some refreshment at the fresh-water pools of Sachne where you may have lunch.  Or we can arrange to head farther north for lunch at the lovely Beit Gavriel Center on the Sea of Galilee.  We will stop at Kibbutz Degania to take part in their Galita Chocolate workshop that will provide the sugar to take a short hike to the Arbel overlook on our way to the hotel. 

Day 7: Golan, Gamla & Bental

Accomodation: Pastorale Hotel | Kfar Blum

We will begin the day with the newly opening “hanging trail” at the Banias nature reserve where you will be wowed by the waterfalls and foliage. Next is the majesty of the Bental mountain on the Golan Heights and the “Magic of the Golan” presentation at the visitor’s center.  After a lunch on your own, you may choose between a walk of the Gamla Roman fortress, often referred to as the “Masada of the North” or kayaking and rafting in the Jordan River.  


Day 8: Lake Hula, Safed going West

Accomodation: Dan HaCarmel Hotel | Haifa

The day begins with a refreshing ride around Lake Hula followed by a”cross-town”  ride to Zefat (Safed), the home of the Kabbalah.  You are free to browse the Rosh Pina artists colony and have lunch before we move west-northwest to the northern border of Israel at Rosh Hanikra.  Spectacular grottoes have been carved into the walls of the cliffs by the sea’s pounding. Take a cable car down the side of the cliffs for a presentation at the welcome center describing the spot’s significance.  The armistice was signed with Lebanon here in 1949 after the War of Independence  that was once a railway stop on the Cairo-Beirut-Damascus railway.  We then head for Haifa, 3rd largest city in Israel with a stop at one of the Druse villages for an authentic and home-cooked meal.

Day 9: Bahai, Boats, Acqueducts & metropolis

Accomodation: Hilton Hotel | Tel Aviv

The family begins heading south along the coast with a stop in Haifa and the Bahai Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  After a stop at the Israel Navy Museum, and “Mada-tech”, a hi-tech campus, which will both delight and enlighten we stop at the Caesarea ruins, another UNESCO World Heritage site. We will take a short detour in-land to visit Mei Kedem, with its special hike through water channels. Returning to hug the sea-side, we continue to the country’s metropolis.

Day 10: Past and Present Merge in Tel Aviv

Accomodation: Hilton Hotel | Tel Aviv

The final day of this discovery of a lifetime is a journey from old to new, frivolous to serious and funny to somber.  We will visit both new and Old Jaffa and the renowned “Shuk HaPishpashim” (flea market) and special scenic overview of the Tel Aviv coastline before heading to the historic Rothschild Boulevard and Independence Hall.  We can leave the vehicle for a stroll going north to stop at Rabin Square to see the monument in the slain Prime Minister’s memory before being picked up once more by the van and heading for the Museum of the Jewish People, situated in part of Tel Aviv University.  The museum offers workshops and discussions about Jewish identity and roots a good signature to the very special exploration for the bar and bat mitzvah celebrant before being whisked off to the airport for departure. 

Only after the family is checked in and on the way home safely, Lifetime Discovery staff will sign-off.

Come back soon for more discoveries of your roots!