Terms and Conditions

Limited Liability: 

  1. A tour package is not confirmed until the travelers receive such confirmation in writing from Lifetime Discovery.
  2. The tour itinerary, means of transportation, timing, etc., may change due to reasons beyond our control.  In such circumstances, Lifetime Discovery will make every effort to ensure a replacement service of equal or greater value to the customer in a timely manner.
  3. A guest who withdraws from the tour itinerary, at his or her own discretion, at any stage of the tour, is not entitled to claim any refund whatsoever from Lifetime Discovery.  In such a case, Lifetime Discovery is absolved of any further liability for the carriage of such a passenger.
  4. At our discretion, we reserve the right to remove a guest from a tour if his or her conduct is deemed to be offensive, violent or uncooperative with the instructions of a guide, supplier or other affiliate, especially concerning (though not limited to) safety issues.  In such a case, the traveler is not entitled to claim any refund whatsoever from Lifetime Discovery.
  5. Lifetime Discovery operates in a careful and responsible manner, working only with suppliers who adhere to the same level of professionalism and responsibility and are insured for the services they provide. Lifetime Discovery is not responsible for any damages or injury that occurs to a visitor outside the narrow framework of the itinerary itself (i.e. after hours, leaving the path, ignoring the guide, etc.)
  6. Lifetime Discovery does not accept any liability for direct, indirect or consequential loss of personal belongings during the tour.  Lifetime Discovery and our associates cannot be held responsible for injury, loss or damage due to Force Majeure, and we require that the traveler purchase adequate traveler’s insurance for the trip.
  7. Lifetime Discovery is not liable for any damages that occur because a person is not fit (physically, mentally, etc.) for a particular activity.  It is the traveler’s responsibility alone to notify Lifetime Discovery of any special or extenuating circumstances before the start of the itinerary and to take reasonable precautions during the course of the trip (for example, not to enter a nut shop if the traveler has an allergy to nuts).  The Lifetime Discovery staff is available and flexible to help with any concerns you may have.
  8. Lifetime Discovery reserves the right to ask for formal proof of identification.
  9. Should conditions arise that are not specifically covered in this agreement, the rules and regulations as defined under the Israeli legal and judicial system will apply.
  10. The staff of Lifetime Discovery stands ready to assist you with any further requests or questions

Travelers are required to confirm that the details of a trip are correct upon receipt of the final itinerary.  It is the responsibility of the traveler to read and understand the program’s “Terms and Conditions.”  In the case of a problem during the trip, it is the traveler’s responsibility to immediately notify Lifetime Discovery / Tayelet Tours and allow us to rectify the problem. A problem not reported to Lifetime Discovery / Tayelet Tours in a timely manner cannot be reconciled after the traveler’s return. E&OE.

Pricing: All prices advertised on this site are estimates, per person per night, based on double occupancy, depending on time of travel, chosen hotels, availability and number of passengers.  Final prices will depend on dates, details of the itinerary, type of guiding, hotels, etc., will be issued in a formal quotation following a query.