Resorts 02: Santorini | Naxos | Paros

Lifetime Discovery staff will welcome you for this vacation of a lifetime to discover Santorini, Naxos & Paros for a luxury vacation born of top service, gourmet food and exquisite lodgings. You will spend 3 nights at each divinely designed health spas, nightlife and the glory of the blue seas will capture your eyes and pass the time in a whirlwind.  Your trip begins with a blank canvas waiting to be painted; the details of every Lifetime Discovery program are up to you.  Allow us to design the luxury vacation on your own terms and have the time of your life.

Basking in the sun

The luxury locations & accommodations for this retreat

  • 3 nights – Majestic Hotel Santorini
  • 3 nights – Naxos Palace
  • 3 nights – Yria Hotel on Paros

Welcome to Santorini!

You will be escorted from your boat or plane to your hotel in Santorini in the Aegean Sea by your Lifetime Discovery liaison who will be at your side for any and all plans that you want to make.  Santorini is both a lovers’ paradise, with a link to the lost civilization of Atlantis to explore,  and a getaway for anyone who enjoys beautiful sunsets, striking landscapes and dips in luxurious blue waters.   While you relax on the island and enjoy strolling the city center in the evenings at this selection from one of Lifetime Discovery’s luxury collection hotels, you will also be awarded the special added values.   Added values include a candlelight dinner and boat ride around the island.   Enjoy this magical getaway by the sea for three days until it is time to move to the next pleasure spot,  personal assistant there at your side.

Santorini Majestic Hotel

The luxurious Majestic Hotel is located right at the entrance of Fira, 500 meters from the center of the capital of Santorini island, 7 Km from the airport and 9 km from the port. This five star hotel offers high quality accommodation and services. Modern spirited and fashionable, it is bound to electrify its guest with a breeze of luxury and comfort and the breathtaking view of the glorious sunset of Santorini.

Welcome to Naxos!

NAXOS is one of the most authentic islands of the Cyclades, a complex of Greek islands and is becoming a more and more popular destination with its luxury hotels and the added values provided by Lifetime Discovery.  It has a mix of mountainous landscapes, gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal waters.   In Greek mythology, Naxos is the island where Theseus abandoned Ariadne after slaying the minotaur.  But Ariadne wasn’t alone for long;  she met Dionysus, god of wine and protector of Naxos and great times were discovered for them and now for the island’s guests.  Enjoy a siesta before hitting the hotspots of the Naxos nightlife to enjoy until the wee hours of the morning. Lovely small shops are also easily accessible for a brief change of pace from the sun and sand before popping over to the next paradise on PAROS island with the assistance of your Lifetime Discovery liaison.

The Naxos Palace

Hotel Naxos Palace is a brand new 4 star hotel in Naxos, functioning since 2005, built in an environmental friendly way. The hotel was constructed in a manner that none of the pre-existing cedar trees needed to be cut down. The hotel Naxos Palace is developed in the hillside in an amphitheatric way, allowing most of the rooms to have a panoramic sea view.

Welcome to Paros!

Heading for your next destination, PAROS,  which is an 8 km boat ride from NAXOS, you will land at this quality hotel  for your final 3-night interlude.   PAROS welcomes you with landscapes and seascapes of fairytale proportions and fills them in with a nightlife that keeps the visitor hopping.  Discover a land that was known mainly for the fine white marble it quarried, with buildings that are so bright that they nearly sparkle.   Famous for its ideal weather conditions, Paros attracts windsurfing and anything else that has to do with sea and sand. Added values are prepared for the Lifetime Discovery guests such as a special farewell dinner as they discover vacationing at its ultimate.

Yria Hotel Paros

This secluded holiday retreat in Paros is luxuruious, serene and breezy from sunrise to sunset.  The hotel is secluded in fragrant foliage, a uniquely sculpted island resort that reflects the deep blue of the Greek Archipelago.

Return from Paros and the Greek Islands with a once in a lifetime discovery

Please note, the majority of our prestigious resorts are open from the end of April until mid-October.  If your trip falls just outside of this period, please contact us for more details & options.