Resorts 07: Peloponnese & Crete

Our staff will welcome you for this vacation of a lifetime to discover the magical destination of Napflia Palace in the Peloponnese for a 3-night luxury vacation followed by 3 nights in anothern one of the best resorts in Greece.  After three days of  “R & R”, you will continue to the astounding Lagonissi Resort on  “Apollo Riviera of Athens”  where you can capture the classics if you choose.   You will be able to explore the ruins and sites of Napflia and Cape Sounion before flying to Crete and the divine Elounda Beach Resort where  the glory of the blue seas will capture your eye. Your trip begins with a blank canvas waiting to be painted; the details of the discovery are up to you. Allow us to help you design a luxury vacation on your own terms and have the time of your life on your own terms.

Basking in the sun

The luxury locations & accommodations for this retreat

  • 3 nights – Napflia Palace
  • 3 nights – Lagonissi Resort
  • 3 nights – Elounda Beach Resort

Welcome to Napflion!

Upon arrival at the Athens Airport you will be escorted by your Lifetime Discovery liaison for travel to the Napflia Palace, in the Peloponnese.  You will be provided a comfortable vehicle for the one-hour drive to your destination, stopping on the way at the Corinth Canal, which connect the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea.  This canal actually divided the Peloponnese from the mainland and though intended for merchant purposes, it after completed in 1893 it is used mainly for tourism.  Upon arriving in Napflion you will find it is a true city, not a village, with the  beautiful Paramidi Castle and old town area.  You will be provided a nice boat ride to the nearby island of Hydra as an added value provided by Lifetime Discovery,  and explore the and prowl the old city with its rich history between the pool,  spas and delicious meals you may choose from at this luxury hotel.  On the morning of Day 4, your will be met for moving along to your next luxury destination in Lagonissi.

Napflia Palace

Your hotel, the Napflia Palace, has a unique story of its own.  The building was carved and built into an archeological site in a mountain.  An elevator was built into the mountain that takes you from underground into the outstanding hotel.  The unique Napflia Palace is a hotel where modern luxury embraces ancient history. It enjoys a setting, history and aesthetic unlike any other hotel. Anywhere.  With views over the Bay of Argolis, the old town of Nafplion and nestling under the ancient walls of the Palamedi, this luxurious complex offers a wonderful opportunity for an historical and memorable stay.

Welcome to the Apollo Beach Riviera Athens!

On the 4th day of your trip, a taxi or private car will bring you to one of the most luxurious hotels in the Mediterranean.  This is the destination for true “R & R”.  You may visit Athens for a day trip or take a ride to nearby Cape Sounio and to the Poseidon Temple on another day.  But mainly this segment of your trip is to enjoy the luxury of the resort, direct access to the beach, and the many gourmet restaurants and health spas provided at the Lagonissi resort.  A candlelight dinner will be provided by Lifetime Discovery on the evening before leaving for your third destination, assisted by  your Lifetime Discovery liaison who will insure an easy flight  and comfortable transfer to Crete.

Lagonissi Resort

Grand Resort Lagonissi welcomes you to enjoy a seafront paradise, set on a 72-acre verdant peninsula. Boasting twenty exclusive sandy beach coves and lush natural beauty the resort is nestled in a magnificent private peninsula offering breathtaking sunsets and views to inspire every observer.


Welcome to Crete!

Welcome to Crete!

On the 7th day we will fly to Crete, met by an elegant car to the Elounda Beach Hotel for another segment of super luxury. Here is another opportunity for rest and relaxation.  There is a unique story at this destination which may lure you away from the hotel for a few hours, including the ruins at Knossos and the mystical island of  Spinalonga.   Lifetime Discovery will provide you with a special boat ride to the world-famous Spinalonga Island nearby with its unique story as an added value.  You have the option to depart for some European destinations from Crete or return via Athens.

Elounda Beach Resort

We welcome you to the world of Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, the ultimate hideaway with luxury guest rooms, villas and suites in Crete Greece. In a unique waterfront location, experience the feeling of relaxing on your own heaven at sea level with outstanding personalized service. Choose among our seven accommodation clubs with corresponding features, services and privileges that best satisfy your requests.

Lifetime Discovery staff will sign off at the conclusion of this luxury landscape and ensure you are ready and packed away with memories  that will last you a lifetime.

Please note, the majority of our prestigious resorts are open from the end of April until mid-October.  If your trip falls just outside of this period, please contact us for more details & options.