Lifetime Discovery staff will welcome you for a vacation of a lifetime to discover the Greek Islands in style and in the lap of luxury.  Expect top service, gourmet food and exquisite lodgings.  We recommend you spend at least 3 nights at each of the divinely designed resorts on two or three different islands to enjoy a diversity of pleasure. It’s completely up to you.

Hors  d’œuvres – Appetizers

Domes of Delight at Domes of Elounda

5 nights | Crete

Blue Palace Interlude

5 nights | Crete

Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites Prestige

4 nights | Crete

Daios Days – Daios Days – Delight on Crete
5 nights |  Crete

Islander 1:  Santorini, Mykonos, Crete

-9 nights-

Grace Hotels on Santorini  & Mykonos & Blue Palace Crete


Hotel Grace Mykonos Grace Hotel Santorini


Islander 2:  Santorini, Naxos & Paros

-9 nights-

Majestic Hotel, Naxos Palace, Yria Hotel




Islander 3:  Rhodes & Crete

-6 nights-

Sheraton 5-Star, Blue Palace



Islander 4:  Patmos, Kos & Rhodes

-9 nights-

Petra HotelKos Blue Lagoon & Sheraton 5-Star



Islander 5:  Athens, Spetses, Hydra

-9 nights-

Athens Electra Blue Palace, Hydra Mistral Hotel, Spetses Poseidonion Grand Hotel



Islander 6:  Peloponnese & Athens

-6 nights- & -2 nights-

Costa Navarino Resort & Athens Grande Bretagne



Islander 7:  Peloponnese, Apollo Riviera Beach of Athens & Crete

-9 nights-

Napflia Palace, Lagonissi Resort, Elounda Beach Hotel



Islander 8:  Rhodes, Crete & Athens

-9 nights-

Apollo Blue Hotel, Blue Palace Resort & Athens Grande Bretagne



Islander 9:  Apollo Riviera Beach of Athens & Crete

-8 nights-

Lagonissi Resort & Daios Cove



Islander 10:  Santorini & Mykonos

-3 nights- & -4 nights-

Mystique Hotel Santorini & Grand Hotel Mykonos



Breathtaking romantic views…

at Costa Navarino


and Crete’s Blue Palace