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Lifetime Discovery- the newest brand of seasoned travel expert Bruria Chen


Lifetime Discovery- the newest brand of the veteran upscale travel organization Tayelet Tours, owned by Bruria Chen,  offers you, the discerning traveler, the discovery of a lifetime.  On your own terms.

Nearly 30 years ago, the company's founder, Bruria Chen, began to nurture her knowledge and skills in luxury tourism.  She began sending upscale travelers to numerous destinations, including the Far East, Europe and, of course, her beloved Greece. After having established her award-winning corporation, World Travel Center (WTC) in the 1980's, she experienced her first flirtation with Greece…and it was love at first sight.

Her first trip to Greece was to become one of over 100 discovery voyages that Ms. Chen would make over the next 30 years.  There were reasons for returning:  the friendly welcome of the locals was unforgettable; the unique Greek music and deliciously fresh food, incomparable.  It became her personal mission to help discerning travelers all over the world discover this country of myths, legends and beauty.Feeling at home in what became her home-away-from-home, the terrain, climate and destinations of Greece and the Greek islands became second nature to her.  This familiarity is what she passes on, with the finesse of a delicate and sensitive but determined lady, to her clients when she started  treating them to sites that no other tour operators were offering.


And then Came Israel

Born in Poland, and arriving in Israel at age two, Bruria's passion for the Israel was always simmering and awaiting expression in professional terms.  Serving Israeli travelers going abroad,  with grace and expertise, was always part of the Tayelet Tours/World Travel Center picture;  celebrating the riches and miracle of the State of Israel for foreign guests came later.  In 2011, this passion to share the same approach to upscale tourism that she had perfected for Greece, Europe and the Far East on the "home front" in Israel was finally realized with the exciting birth of Lifetime Discovery.

Company Values - "Discovery on your own terms"

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Such are the roots of the latest brand of Tayelet Tours, Lifetime Discovery.  The company caters mainly to travelers from English speaking countries.  The team is chosen and trained to share both  the wisdom of Bruria's experience and the proven process of listening and paying apt attention to the clients' passions. 

These special experiences balance between the classic tour and resort opportunities and the unique specialized tours all focus on a  wrapped in a lens of similarities and luxury.    Our team of experts are here to help the sophisticated traveler visit the famous hotspots, the classical "must-see" sites and lodge at the ultimate resort destinations both in Greek Islands and in  Israel. Discover the exclusive hidden local treasures "off the beaten track" in both countries.  The results of our  decades of experience provide access to premium services at tremendous value. Israel, the Holy Land, destinations resonate for all people the world over, including those coming on pilgrimage, on "heritage" trips, family vacations, and of course archaeological              discoveries. The expert  experienced hands of Lifetime Discovery will assure that these destinations will be experienced through an inspiring lens of luxury and personal taste.


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