About Us

Lifetime Discovery, based in the heart of the Mediterranean, is the newest brand of the veteran upscale travel organization Tayelet Tours and offers the discerning traveler the discovery of a lifetime across Israel and, or, Greece, with a focus of it being on your own terms.

Feeling At Home

Our team of experts are here to help the sophisticated traveler visit the famous hot-spots, the classical ‘must-see’ sites and lounge at the ultimate and exclusive resort destinations in the Greek Islands at ease and with a sense of true accompaniment, but also to discover the exclusive hidden local treasures away from the hordes in both countries. The outcomes of our decades of experience provide access to premium services at tremendous value. Holy Land destinations resonate for people the world over, those coming on pilgrimages, on “return to roots” trips, family vacations and of course archaeological discoveries. But the expert and experienced hand of Lifetime Discovery will assure that these destinations will be experienced through an exclusive lens of luxury and personal taste.

With a multilingual team, Lifetime Discovery caters for discerning travelers from around the world with a team chosen and trained to share both the wisdom of their experience and the proven process of listening and paying apt attention to the clients passions.

Lifetime Discovery welcomes you to take a look through our collection of ‘suggested’ Tours, Combination & Resort and will be delighted to assist you in creating your ‘Lifetime Discovery’. If however your interest lies in creating your Event of a Lifetime, please consult our ‘suggested’ Event collection and we will be glad to assist you in making it a ‘Lifetime Event’.

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